Soft or Solid

There are as many ways to explain hypnosis as there are people offering explanations. To keep it simple, consider hard science vs. soft science; or better yet, the mind vs. the brain.


The brain is tangible – it can be touched as well as seen.




j0303385The mind is soft. It is actually the activity of the brain. Like the wind, the mind can’t be seen — however, we know it exists and its results can be very apparent.

The subconscious part of the mind is where feelings, imagination, and visualization occur. This is where we can process symbolic material ranging from angels to demons, from alien abduction to spiritual enlightenment. All information emanating from subconscious activity is subject to investigation and analysis by the conscious part of the mind (where logic occurs). When the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind are brought into agreement, one’s attitude becomes positive, the body responds favorably, and life improves dramatically.

The point is that hypnosis can be explained ethereally in terms of energy, as per quantum physics (considered a soft science). It can also be defined and substantiated by brain activity, as per MRI’s and other instruments that prove changes occur during the state of hypnosis, thereby lending solid credibility to the natural phenomenon.

We work successfully with clients who ask to pray prior to a session, or who want to connect with their higher power or spirit guide, or who are investigating past lives, alien abduction or demon possession. The majority of our clients, however, want to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome a phobia, reduce or eliminate pain, prepare for successful surgery and faster, more comfortable recovery, use recall to locate a lost object, or improve personal, professional, athletic or academic skills, and so on.

For this reason, we prefer to promote a solid explanation of hypnosis, a result of which is that we have dozens of physicians and many psychologists who refer their patients to us. If we were less than pragmatic in our approach, these professionals would likely be more hesitant to work with us. While it can be fun and even worthwhile to explore the metaphysical aspects as hypnosis, although we have been there / done that, it is not our language of choice.

If you see or hear information presented by others that seems silly (or worse), please don’t let it deter you from learning more through a different approach. We’ve been contacted by people who have been confused and even turned off by what they’ve described as “mumbo jumbo,” “la la land,” and even “B.S.” If you’ve had or have such a reaction, this simply means you prefer (as we do) solid science as opposed to the soft stuff.