Verbal Self-Defense

Power Up With Verbal Self-Defense

Learn to defend yourself by anticipating obvious insults and recognizing subtle “putdowns” as well as other verbal assaults that almost everyone uses – in the workplace, at home, & socially.

Participate: The battle of communication is not a spectator sport.

Observe body language: It can work for or against you.

Write alternative scripts for common confrontational situations.

Enlist your voice: You carry it wherever you go – it’s your secret weapon.

Recognize five modes: Placator, Blamer, Distractor, Computer, Leveler.

Understand: Apply the simple rules of clear, effective interaction.

Present yourself to others the way YOU want to be perceived.

Instructors Frank Lucas, CCH and Ginny Lucas, DCH, of Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy in Stockton, have both earned advanced belts in Shotokan Karate and utilize the principles of martial arts to teach communication skills for safe interaction with others.

“When we’ve been verbally assaulted, we sometimes say things like, ‘It was like a slap in the face,’ or ‘I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach,’” says Frank Lucas, making the point that words can inflict injury on many levels. “Knowing how to defend yourself emotionally lets you take control of a conversation to avoid being hurt or hurting others.”

“I learned everything I needed to know about dealing with difficult situations and manipulative people. I’ve been using the techniques at work and in my personal life, and believe this will be a lifelong practice. Thanks for giving the whole class some fun and useful insight that is truly applicable in everyday life.” Julie Cox, MD