Blue Cross


Blue Cross Approves Local Hypnotherapist

July 17, 2000

Blue Cross of California has approved Ginny Lucas of Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy in Stockton, CA, as a Healthy Extensions Network Practitioner.

In their “Alternative Medicine & Wellness Resources Directory,” Blue Cross recommends hypnotherapy — a combination of relaxation, guided imagery and specifically structured suggestions for self-improvement — for stress reduction, to improve professional or athletic performance, increase confidence, improve memory & concentration, and to overcome unwanted habits.

Lucas has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Hypnosis. She has practiced full-time in Stockton, her hometown, since 1992. Her husband is also a certified hypnotherapist who assists on a part-time basis.

Blue Cross members receive a discount on services provided by Dr. Lucas. Non-members benefit from the company’s extensive research which ensures that listed practitioners are professionals who have met high standards and stringent requirements.

[Please Note: Blue Cross discontinued their Alternative Medicine & Wellness Resources Directory as of December 31, 2006.]