Women’s Grp


Dr. Virginia Lucas will be guest speaker at the Executive Women’s lunch meeting on June 13, 2002, at Le Bistro, 3121 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., north Stockton. Her presentation is entitled “Ben’s Big Mistake,” referring to Benjamin Franklin, who was appointed by the government centuries ago in Euro to investigate mesmerism — a precursor to hypnosis as we know it today.

Lucas has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Bachelor’s and Doctorate degree in clinical hypnosis. She is the founder of Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy in Stockton, teaches at colleges throughout the state, and is a popular speaker offering groups a variety of topics that touch upon the power of the subconscious mind in many contexts and applications.

“Hypnotherapy is considered by some to be the illegitimate child of complementary care,“ she states. “It exists, but is often ignored, under-appreciated or, at the very least, unnamed. Some practitioners use it without saying ‘this is hypnosis.’ They try to avoid the stigma that comes from misuse by amateurs, entertainers and some clinicians.“ Lucas considers it her mission to dispel common myths and misunderstandings about the subconscious, and always leaves her listeners with greater clarity and deeper confidence in their own mental potential.

Executive Women membership is by invitation only; however, those wishing to visit for this noon presentation are encouraged to call Karylene Mann at 481-2327. Cost of the lunch is $15.