One Weigh To Success

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Published – September 2006

One Weigh to Success

When obesity began to make the news as a serious health concern in America, the TV show Dateline asked six people to try to lose weight, each using a different method. Their follow up report six months later was that the man using hypnotherapy had been the most successful.

Why? More importantly, how can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

Everyone knows the basics — eat less, exercise more. Knowing is different from doing, however. Thought happens on a conscious level, as in, “I think I need to lose weight. I know that.”

Feelings are stronger than thoughts, however; and when the two conflict, feelings almost always win out.
What keeps a smart person from doing the right thing?

Feelings — such as discouragement (“Why bother, I’ll only fail”) or helplessness “I can’t give up the things I love to eat”), or delusion (“I’ll get started after the big party next month”).

Feelings are stored in the subconscious part of the mind, and in the hands of a competent, professional clinical practitioner, hypnotherapy helps you (a) feel motivated enough to get started if you’ve been “putting it off instead of taking it off,” and (b) feel committed to a healthier lifestyle so that you can keep it off.

“It’s not about diet, it’s about lifestyle”

How many times have you heard that? You already know that. In order to do something about that, however, it helps when you realize you can change the feelings that have been interfering with your success.

Instead of feelings of denial (“What? No more hot fudge sundaes?”), you can feel it’s only natural and normal to prefer healthier choices.

Instead of feeling weak-willed (“More mashed potatoes! I just can’t help myself!”), you can feel in complete control as you simply say no thanks.

Instead of feeling hungry for more food, you can feel satisfied with smaller servings.

Instead of feeling weak-willed, you can feel determined to achieve your goal weight and to then maintain it, instead of backsliding.

Instead of feeling embarrassed about the way you look, you can feel proud of yourself all along the… weigh… to self-improvement.

Instead of feeling impatient, you can feel focused on slow, steady, safe, and sensible weight loss — which becomes permanent.

Instead of feeling exercise is more trouble than it’s worth, you can feel enthused about increasing your activities so that you tone up as you trim down.

To be successful in managing your weight, you need to feel it’s worth the time and effort you’re investing in improving yourself.

You need to feel it’s going to be fun to donate those baggy clothes to a thrift store and to shop for smaller sizes.

You need to feel food is just fuel for your body… something you use to get to where you want to be — trimmer and slimmer. You need to feel you control it, it doesn’t control you!

The exciting thing is: you already have what you need!

If your present feelings aren’t helping you get the job done, you need to trade them in for the newer, better feelings that are there for you in the subconscious part of your own mind. This is where hypnotherapy helps.

Please feel assured that clinical hypnosis is safe, pleasant, and effective. It’s taught in medical schools and approved by medical associations worldwide. In California, however, there are no state regulations that limit its use to only competent, ethical, and well trained practitioners. For this reason, choose a hypnotherapist carefully.

Red flags to watch out for:

The Dabbler. They’ve read a few books, gone to a few classes, experimented with a few friends, and now they’re ready to take your money in exchange for mediocre, if any, results.

The Jack (or Jane) of all Trades — They may, for example, do massage, facials, nails, guided imagery, relaxation therapy, spiritual counseling, life coaching, faith healing and, oh yeah… hypnosis.

The Entrepreneur — They schedule a hypnotherapy session but spend most of their time and effort convincing you to buy their supplements, books, recordings, and other products.

The Egotist — They claim they can solve your problems for you or, worse yet, they can cure you of any ill. In truth, hypnosis helps you resolve your issues, and it helps you heal yourself. A professional hypnotherapist teaches you how you can improve yourself and your life. They help to facilitate your success.

But Weight – There’s More!

Along with helping you improve your attitude toward exercise, your eating habits, and your self-image, because the subconscious is the part of the mind that runs your entire body, hypnosis can also help you control cravings and improve your metabolism!

Hypnosis isn’t smoke and mirrors. MRI’s and EEG’s show visual proof of the altered state of consciousness. It’s safe, effective, and a very pleasant experience. Ever have a nice body massage? Hypnosis massages your mind. Just make sure you re in good hands…