Just Once?

How many sessions are necessary?

Many hypnotherapists will tell you they need to see you 4 times (or 8 times or 10 times, etc.). In our opinion, these people are in the business of hypnotherapy, and they are using a method that makes them more money.


We are therapists, and our primary concern is our clients. This is why we are honest enough to encourage you to expect results from just one session.

It is true that some people may need more than one session, but based on our training and fifteen years of experience, this applies to approximately one person in every 30. This means that 29 out of 30 people have success coming in only one time.


To ensure our clients’ success, we give each person a CD that we have recorded, which relates to their primary concern (weight, smoking, etc.). If you happen to be that one out of thirty who needs reinforcement, you have taken it home with you — in the form of our CD — and it hasn’t cost you a cent. J

If ever you feel you need another session, you know where to find us. This happens most commonly when something important wasn’t covered during your first session, or when your circumstances change and new information needs to be addressed.

We’ve discovered that most of our new business comes from clients who have been treated by us honestly and ethically. They refer others to us, and we appreciate that. Our income rests upon helping more people, rather than by bringing each person back for more sessions that probably are not necessary.