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We’re grateful to First 5 San Joaquin Children & Families Commission, which for 7 years made our services free to smokers who were exposing small children to the dangers of secondhand smoke. In June 2009 First 5 terminated all smoking cessation programs, however, including ours. Because we have continued to receive calls from people aware of the former program, and because we remain committed to protecting small children from secondhand smoke, we are in the process of constructing a voucher program that, although not eliminating the cost entirely, will reduce our fee by 50% for those who meet the same qualifications set out by First-5. The qualifications are:
That you reside in San Joaquin County or Stanislaus County and are:

l Pregnant
l Living with someone who is pregnant
l Living with a child younger than five
l Caring for a child younger than five

Vouchers will be provided by various health care organizations, several health care providers, and other sources concerned with harm reduction relating to secondhand smoke.

If you meet the criteria shown above, you can present a voucher for the discounted rate. Others you know who smoke in the presence of your child (under age 5) can come in with you on the same voucher, for a group session. Everyone pays only $90 each.

San Joaquin County residents will be seen in our Stockton office. Call for appointment: (209)472-0722 or e-mail

This program is approved by the Tobacco-Free Families Project

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