Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

(From Ginny)

Janie had tried in vitro fertilization several times (at $10,000 a pop), but without success. When she wanted to try one more time, her doctor was discouraged her. She didn’t have enough eggs, he told her, and the ones she had weren’t healthy enough.

“Do you think hypnotherapy can help?” she asked me? “Yes, I do,” I replied. After her session and following her next physical exam, Janie called to tell me her doctor was amazed. “You do have enough eggs! And they’re very healthy! I believe you can try again!”


Because in past procedures she had not become pregnant, she asked for another session with me. Following which she called to tell me her good news. And bad news. “I’m pregnant!” she said. “But the doctor told me, ‘Don’t get your hopes up because your hormone balance does not look good. Your pregnancy will probably self-terminate.”


We did another session, and on her next doctor’s visit he said to Janie, “Well, well. Your hormones have come into a very healthy balance. I encourage you to be optimistic!”


Now on our Wall of Fame we have a picture of her Janie’s baby cradled in… my arms! I was invited home to meet her new daughter — who, I swear, recognized my voice!

This story demonstrates that the body does respond to new information accepted on a subconscious level. It is not the only time we’ve used hypnotherapy successfully to assuage fertilization concerns, but it’s my favorite.