True Story

We rarely use testimonials because we know in the business world they often fall short of authenticity. This one, however, was just too good not to share. We received it (unsolicited) from a client in response to the Evergreen Outreach that we send periodically to touch bases with our clients. It came to Ginny, complete with pictures — which JV gave us permission to use along with her success story. In her words (November 2007):

“My 79 year old mom and I came in last April and your wonderful husband helped us with our weight issues. My mother is within 5 pounds of her goal. She walks the treadmill 30 minutes each morning, rides my bike about 20 minutes after lunch, and is completely happy to be the size 10 she has never in her whole life been before.

“I started at 297 pounds, I was lucky to get in and out of my office chair. Grocery shopping was a major undertaking. Now I walk the treadmill at least 1 mile and sometimes 2 miles, and I ride my bike 3.3 miles each day. I am down from a size 4X to “large” or 18. I’ve lost 60 pounds. I still have 80 pounds to go, but I will make it. Just being able to move around again has been such a wonderful high, it’s beyond words.

When my 11 year old granddaughter saw me she said,

“Grandma, you’re half gone!”

“Also about 7 years ago you helped my daughter and me quit smoking. So I would consider it a great favor if you and Frank would hug each other for us, with the greatest thanks from our family to both of you.”

The pictures below are of real people, not models. They are not retouched, and they reflect personal success that is nothing short of inspiring!


MV-Before MV_after
Mom “before” Mom “after”




JV_Before JV_after jv2010
JV “before” JV after 6 months JV after 3 years



January 2011 – “I thought you should have an updated picture as the one you have is really out of date. Mom is still holding. I have a few pounds left, but since the last picture, I have gone to a size 12 (from a 20 when I started). My doctor is very happy as my cholesterol is now under control.” JV