Frank Lucas, CCH and Ginny Lucas, PhD, of Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy, are offering their popular Hypnosis Helps class at

  San Joaquin Delta College

       Contact Community Education at SJDC (209) 954-5013 or, for more information or to register.

Learn the tricks entertainers use to fool people into thinking hypnosis is something it isn’t!


Learn why hypnosis is taught in medical schools and approved by medical associations around the world.


Learn who can be hypnotized, and who can’t.

Learn when hypnosis should be used, and when it shouldn’t.

Learn how to hypnotize yourself to address such issues as:

lSmoking     lWeight     lDepression    lIBS / CFS / FMA     lPhobias     lChronic Pain     lSports Performance     lLearning skills     lSelf-confidence     lSelf-esteem lAnd MORE

You’ll leave class knowing more about hypnosis than many professionals know! J

   Catalog Description

Learn how to easily achieve and enjoy the safe, natural, altered state of consciousness that is necessary in order to experience hypnosis.

Just as important is the way suggestions are structured and offered during hypnosis.  Saying the right thing in the wrong way can reinforce a problem rather than creating the solution.  Students will leave knowing more about this than some “professionals.”

People put off by visualization or the imagery that is a part of hypnosis will discover how to easily get past that.  There are other ways than “seeing with your mind’s eye” that are just as (perhaps more) effective in eliciting desired results.

Sometimes beginners aren’t sure what they’re supposed to feel like during hypnosis.  Instead of relaxing into it, they’re worried about whether or not they’re “doing it right.”  Once you’ve experienced hypnosis under the supervision of a professional, you’ll know what it feels like; then it’s much easier to simply recreate the familiar feeling on your own.

Many authorities believe the most difficult thing to achieve with some clients is convincing them they have in fact been hypnotized.  There are simple steps that can be taken to let you know afterwards you have actually “been there, done that.”