How to choose

How to choose the Hypnotherapist that is right for you.

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Currently, in California there is neither licensing nor quality control of hypnotherapists. For this reason, it’s best to find a hypnotherapist who:

is formally educated in psychology,
has professional affiliations,
specializes in hypnosis full time,
has a publicized business location,
has a business license,
whose fees are neither too high nor too low, and
who view themselves (and show through their demeanor) that they are practicing hypnosis
in the capacity of a therapist, not an entertainer or entrepreneur.
Think twice about anyone who wants to sign you up for a predetermined number of sessions, sometimes before they’ve even met you or know why you want to use hypnosis. We have thousands of clients who have had 100% and lasting success with only one session.



(a) self-serving claims

There is a difference between self-study and formal education. There is a difference between working toward a degree and having earned a degree. There is a difference between offering free seminars and actually having participants attend them. There is a difference between promoting classes or courses, and having a successful track record with satisfied students throughout the state. There is a difference between writing a book or books and having written, published, and sold thousands of copies. There is a difference between being a public speaker, and actual validation, such as our “Outstanding Presenters” award from an international convention hosting 18,000 attendees. There is a difference between calling yourself successful and actually demonstrating success through longstanding stability and a stellar reputation throughout your community.

(b) second party claims

Anyone can make up a testimonial, or ask friends to provide a list of compliments. In the field of hypnotherapy, clients should be given the same level of respect and confidentiality as they would if working with a psychologist or marriage counselor. While remaining anonymous to the public, clients who have met with success using our services, refer others to us directly and divulge as little or as much as they choose to about their own experience.

At Evergreen, our testimonials appear in print as a result of impartial reporters interviewing clients not known to us personally, who speak with no request from us and without our influencing their comments. Many of them have made the news, or have sent us photos or letters that are framed on our Wall of Fame.

Be aware of hypnotherapists who are selling a product (vitamins or beauty products for example), or a different service (massage, acupressure, facials, psychic readings, spiritual counseling, etc.) Doing so suggests that hypnotherapy is just one of many sources of income, and that the practitioner is not successful enough as a hypnotherapist to support himself or herself without relying on other sources of income.

Think twice about going for the “cheapest” option. People new to the business often keep their fees low to entice clients; however, with little actual experience under their belts they are using those clients as guinea pigs, learning as they go! If you were going to a dentist would you want to go to the cheapest one, or the one who is experienced, established, and has already learned what (s)he needs to know to do a great job for you?

Avoid hypnotherapists who claim to have a California state license for Hypnotherapy, unless they are a practicing psychologist or social worker.
(No such license exists at this time.)

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