Managing Your Weight
is serious business & YOU are the boss!


Yes! We do Gastric Intestinal Band Hypnosis — the same results as actual surgery, without the expense, risk or possible harmful side effects! We also include Enhanced Metabolism, AND Brain Imagery analysis as per Dr. Daniel Amen — all in one session, with a hypnosis CD as reinforcement. We’ve had very heavy clients lose up to half their body weight! .

Also, for those who have chosen to use the homeopathic HCG supplement and diet plan, we provide a special CD that reinforces specific guidelines, making it easier and more exciting to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day safely, over a 3-4 week period (and maintain the weight loss)!

Find out how hypnosis works and why hypnosis is the safest, easiest, most enjoyable way to take control of your weight as a lifelong commitment. Schedule a private session, a shared private session, or put together a group of three to five people for a reduced rate. In all cases, you will leave with a game plan that includes simple success strategies, and a free hypnosis CD designed specifically to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight and size.


Worldwide Recognition

Paul McKenna (on ABC’s Dr. Oz) recently discussed and demonstrated hypnosis for weight loss, using the same techniques that we offer our clients. In past years our colleague Tom Nicoli appeared on NBC (Dateline), following six people who tried to lose weight. Each one tried a different way. The one who used hypnosis was the most successful. We continue to thank Tom for the many direct referrals he sends our way.

Why hypnosis? Because hypnosis allows you to experience a new attitude toward food. You can feel satisfied with less food, you can feel excited about making healthier choices, you can lose cravings, you can become more motivated to exercise, and so on.

Hypnosis helps you develop and enthusiastically accept a new self-image. Instead of a person with a weight problem, you become a person acting out effective solutions that simply feel natural and normal to you..

But weight – – – there’s more!

After a session our clients receive all of our three-for-free lifetime reinforcement options.
(1) a special hypnosis CD that includes a second track with subliminal suggestions.
(2) a special “game plan” for ongoing support and success..
(3) one-on-one personal counseling by e-mail..