Diets Fail



1. Dieting focuses all your attention on food and eating, ignoring other priorities.

2. It creates stress, and stress can trigger eating compulsions.




3. Often, the more forbidden a food is, the more desirable it becomes.

4. It ignores your emotional issues and lifestyle.

5. Often, recommend foods have additives that actually stimulate appetite.




6. Your body is designed to protect you against starvation by storing fat when it’s denied food.

7. Many diets cause you to lose lean muscle tissue, which is precisely what you need to burn fat!




8. Diets lower your metabolism, enabling you to store fat more easily.

9. Dieting might distract you from your body’s percentage of fat, by focusing only how much you weigh.

10. Dieting brings to mind your difficulties instead of your inner resources.

11. Diet colas that contain Phosphoric Acid stimulate the appetite and leach calcium from bones, contributing to osteoporosis.

12. Diet products are produced to create a dependency on them for repeat sales, not to improve your health.




13. Dieting often creates a nutritional deficiency that depletes your energy, strength and stamina.