What members have to say:

Rising Tide has helped me face several personal challenges in my life. Facing my husband’s death, traveling without him, and finally losing weight are just a few of the obstacles I’ve overcome with the encouragement of this group.

Words of support, ideas about “how to”, and having others just plain listen and care have helped me face the future with new hope and a positive attitude.

I would not be where I am today without the relationships I’ve developed through Rising Tide. These people are my life support.

(AM; High School Teacher)

Before joining Rising Tide I thought all support groups consisted of people discussing their problems — with negative mind set. This one is different.

Other members have inspired me and have helped me in my new job to focus on what is positive.

(MG; Counselor)

I was a shut-in for almost ten years due to illness. In the course of that time, I lost contact with almost everyone except my wife and kids. Meeting great people at Rising Tide has helped me reconnect with the outside world.

After years of having a pretty low opinion of myself, interacting with this group has helped me see that my thoughts and feelings (and I) have value to others

(KZ; Writer)

I’ve been consistently impressed with the quality and variety of truly helpful comments and suggestions I hear every week at Rising Tide — a wonderful mix of viewpoints from many different backgrounds and life experiences.

The energy in the room during meetings is something I literally would not have believed if I hadn’t experienced it personally.

It’s exhilarating to notice the simple techniques practiced weekly working their magic in the lives of all the members, and even spreading to others in their lives!

(FL; Business Manager)

The Rising Tide weekly group has empowered me to steer my sail happily in the sunset with lifted spirits. I have seen firsthand how collective consciousness can indeed enhance our lives.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of such a genuinely caring and supportive group.

I always leave meetings with a renewed vitality that affects my entire week!

(BP; Court Reporter)

I’m so proud of the way members have truly bonded in a sincere and meaningful way.

I feel comfortable opening up and asking for emotional support from this high energy, nurturing group — since providing it for others is what I do professionally.

I have to admit it’s nice being on the receiving end, too.

(GL; Co-Founder)

Rising Tide has — literally — been an uplifting experience for me.

It has led me in a positive direction with my daily living. You can’t change the tide or the direction of the wind but you can certainly change the direction of your sail, or put an oar in the water — and enjoy the adventure.

(JR; Business Owner)