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March 8, 2002

By Ana Facio Contreras

Rockville – Ginny Lucas is not insulted when students in her class become sleepy in the middle of her teachings.

In fact, Lucas, ah hypnosis instructor a Solano Community College, expects her students to become very relaxed at a certain point during the class.

The class she instructs twice a year at the college teaches people how to use hypnosis to stop smoking, loose weight and address other health and personal issuers.

“I try to dispel the misconceptions people have and explain the misuse of (hypnosis) on TV talk shows for entertainment,” Lucas said, a hypnotherapist who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a doctoral degree in clinical hypnosis.

Lucas’ one day class is one of about 200 short courses offered through the college’s community service department.

Community service classes are courses of special interest or courses designed for a specific audience or need, Director of Community Services Kris March said. The classes are non-credit, usually shorter in duration than credit classes, and don’t require lengthy preparation or rigorous testing.

March said the college is always looking for unique community service classes to offer such as Lucas’ class.

For Becky Barkdoll of Vacaville, taking a hypnosis class was something new and different. The mother of four children said she didn’t enroll in the class for any specific reason. “I thought it would be an interesting class to take,” Barkdoll said.” I thought it was awesome, very informative.”