New Homepage

First and foremost: Since relocating our office to a new state, we are pleased to let you know that OUR FEES ARE NOW HALF WHAT THEY WERE IN CALIFORNIA!


If you are in our area you have the option of coming to the office for a face -to-face session, which includes an interview and lasts about an hour-and-a-half. The $120 fee for a first time client includes a general reinforcement CD that reflects your primary concern, and offers both hypnosis and subliminal suggestions. Return clients $100.

If you are at a distance from us, you have the option of a tele- phone interview that lasts 20-30 minutes, during which we take notes and use them to put together the same hypnosis format you would experience in our office. We record your personalized session and send it on a CD within 3-4 days. First time client fee is $120, return clients $100.

Advantages to this option include:

(1) not having to leave home
(2) having a personalized recording based on information offered

during their interview
(3) the recorded session can be used in a CD player, a DVD player,

Or on a computer. With ITunes it can be stored on an iPhone or iPad (by clicking “import CD”).



Every session, in person or recorded, uses a Dual Voice technique — which means two voices speaking at the same time, one male, one female, one softer than the other. This means there are twice as many suggestions given than if only one voice were used, and twice as many techniques combined to ensure greater success.

Thank you for your interest. Helping others Professionally is a privilege we’ve enjoyed for more than 25 years. Please let us know if we can be of service to you.

Ginny Lucas, PhD & Frank Lucas, CcH